Acquire Imagelys Picture Styles 10 Studio

Do not wait, upgrade now to Studio edition! All limitations will be removed.

The payment is carried out via Digital River. You can pay by credit card, Paypal, cheque and bank transfer. At the end of the payment, you will automatically receive your license key by e-mail. You will also have the possibility to print an invoice.

Imagelys Picture Styles 10 Studio 3 PC   ONLY $99   Click here to Buy Now
TAX/VAT for countries in european union could be added.

  Lite Studio
Add easy-to-use multiple layers YES YES
Seamless Texture Render YES YES
Professionals Tools YES YES
Various pixelate and distort effects YES YES
More Thousands of Presets   YES
Textures Node-Based Workflow   YES
Effects Node-Based Workflow   YES
Make Cellular textures   YES
Make Brownian Motion Fractals textures   YES
Make Caustics textures   YES
Make Brushed Metals textures   YES
Make Woods textures   YES
Make Watercolor effects   YES
Make Colored Pencil effects   YES
Make Mosaic effects
Make Plasma effects
Apply Frame effects
Apply Watercolor Frame effects
Apply Impressionist effects
Apply Pencil Sketch effects
Apply Painterly effects
Work with image from host application   YES
Use Filters from 8bf Adobe system Plug-Ins   YES
Apply effects from the Imagelys Filter Library   YES
Submit your filters settings to the Imagelys Filter Library   YES
Maximum Render Size
(4000x4000 for 32 bits Studio Edition)
600 x
15000 x
  Lite Studio