Apply under the water effects to your images files from the Filter Library
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The Imagelys Filter Library is a free online repository of user-created filters to which you can contribute. All filters in the Library are free to download and use with the Studio edition only. You can submit your own filters to the Filter Library using the Submit Wizard, and see their popularity.

Apply under the water effects to your images files very easily.

Step 1

In the main toolbar, click to open and choose an image file.

Step 2

Now, in the Main menu, click the Filter Library.

Step 3

When the Imagelys web site is open, click to Under the Water 04 in the Filter Library.

Step 4

Now, click the link to download the filter Under the Water 04 and open it.

Step 5

Wait the start of Imagelys Picture Styles and when this dialog box is showed, click the Yes button.

Step 6

Now, into the ToolPalette, click the effect Under the Water 04 and click the Generate button to apply the filter to the image.

The result of Under the Water 04 effect.


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