I usually take offence when someone tells me that a picture is worth a thousand words - it might be the fact that I write all day long. You can express a lot of things with words. But what words will not do is come up with a cool desktop background – the Imagelys Picture Styles software application will.

In a small amount of time, you can create a whole bunch of things with Imagelys Picture Styles. For example you could create a wallpaper for your desktop computer, or a background you painstakingly set up, or a skin for your favorite program, or perhaps a texture for 3D modeling. Now only will you be able to do all those things in little time, you’ll be able to do them without having to be an expert designer.

The UI may not be much to look at, but you shouldn’t focus on that too much. What you should focus on are the software’s functionality. You can start with a default texture template or you can use one of your personal images. Thanks to all the tools Imagelys Picture Styles provides – the filters, the special effects and so on – you’ll end up with a texture that will impress.

Let’s assume for a moment that you download and install Imagelys Picture Styles on your system. After your put the software through its paces, you don’t particularly like it. No harm, no foul as they would say. The software is provided free of charge. On that premise it doesn’t cost you to get the software and see for yourself what it has to offer. You might be missing out on a really useful software application.

Imagelys Picture Styles, a surprisingly easy to use, speedy, and powerful software application for creating graphic images.

George Norman -

Imagelys picture styles is a program that has several useful tools to create and edit your pictures, through the use of textures ready, effects, easy to apply and varied resources for those who need quick results and practical, without leave aside the quality.

And, although it is simple and have an interface that can still improve, its features include variety of resources and tools, above all. Are hundreds of textures, dozens of effects and color changes that you can use as you want, at work or even you entertain during your free time and without compromise.

Tools for all tastes!

The program can be a great utility to create your own wallpaper, textures for 3D models, skins to programs, graphics for a site or add details interesting to your photos and pictures. In other words, that is you who say what you want, because the limit is your creativity to deal with the capabilities provided by the program.

This way, you can take advantage since tools found in programs, professional management curves, colors and structuring layered through resources more common as cut, flip and rotate until differential perfect for users more beginners, such as automatic adjustments transformations, pre-rolled and effects ready to apply.

But what is really is the wide range of textures available, divided into categories that seek to achieve the greatest number of possible applications, such as multi-coloured, distorted, materials, plant and gradients, in which you can still customize a number of factors such as colors, angle, brightness and transparency. (translation Imagelys)

This application is a way of creating an unlimited number of graphic images in a minimal amount of time. A huge range of textures coupled with several effects can create an almost indefinite range of these graphic images. The application has a large number of readymade textures. One can also download a series of texture packs that add to these choices. Imagelys Picture Styles generates seamless textures using mathematical formulae and works with ready-to-use effects including generators, deformers, filters, color adjustments, special FX and masks for transparency.

The program starts by defining a sample size and background color. From the tool palette then one can choose a basic pattern or other enhancements or even a combination from a range of categories that are textures, naturals, mixed, wallpaper, clipart, gradients, frames and effects. Each of these tools has several sub divisions and several example in each subdivision to choose from. The structure being multi-layered one can choose several items on different layers to get a composite effect. One can further enhance the composite by zooming different layers, controlling opacity of each layer and effects such as normal, multiply, screen, overlay, reflect, softlight, brightlight and so on. These designs can easily become nice wall papers, skins for some applications, texture for 3D models and so on.

Really a nice program to create graphic images. Quite easy to use too.

Imagelys Picture Styles is surprising tool. Under its rough, basic interface you'll find a quite complete graphic editor which has been specially designed to create textures and background images.

The program includes some default texture templates but also allows you to use your own images. Therefore you'll be able to create seamless patterns from any photo on your computer. The wide variety of filters and special effects featured in the program will enable you to obtain visually striking results with almost no effort.

Elena Santos

Matthias Schütz