I find this software very interesting and useful. Thank you.

Nishad Pandya

Several weeks ago, I download your great program. I use it a lot for making seamless textures. Tonight, I use several filters and effects to convert my painting of a Knight into a warmer more sunlit painting and dark shade.The Knight was a much cooler blue.Thanks so much for your program...

David Blackwell

I got so caught up in Filter Forge textures and patterns that I almost didn’t catch this little gem of software called Imagelys Picture Styles.

At first glance, it looks a little rough, but looks aside, this program is a sparkling diamond. My initial reaction to using it the first time was a bit standoff-ish, but after watching the tutorials on how to use it a few times , it all made sense, and off I went making some real cool patterns and textures. The author uses Wink to create his tutorials, and that’s a big plus because it allows users to see the method in action, it can be paused, or replayed again and again. It’s crucial that you watch those tutorials before you set off on your own.

Imagelys Picture Styles has great resynthesizer effects along with image warping and seamless tile integration. Those features alone make this software unbelievably awesome to use. In just a few short minutes I made several classy looking wallpaper images that I rotate on my desktop.

This software is totally WIN-WIN!


Is the best. I love to do everything with this program.


Very nice!
Not bad at all. There are plenty of effects and patterns, along with numerous options to work with. I think the user interface could use some work, like delete layer on right click, effects windows need a change as well like opening a separate effect window completely, not integrated with others, also that annoying tool palette window that if you touch it, it opens, at least give an option to do so completely manually. It's a bit slow on the draw compared to others and I experience lag with this constantly. Tried on 3 computers with a lot of resources, it's just the prog itself. All in all if you don't want to learn Gimp or Photoshop and just want something that will do most of the popular effects and such, then this is a great image editor and with some work will be a top competitor.


Great program!
I am very pleased with your program and it will be very useful to me in making banners for my family website! Thank you!


Great graphic editor with 1000 and 1 effects.


A Must In Texture. As a professional graphic designer, I am always looking for new ways to generate textures This software is really a must have. the software is so cheap, unbelievable for that quality!!! The support is also incredible, many add-on texture generators. Believe it or not I bought this software even I am a Mac addict and install in VM Fusion, fortunately the copy/paste between OS is excellent.

Patrick Detiege

Excellent compatible software for backgrounds and tiles.


This is one of the best Image Editors you can find around with many capabilities. Surprisingly good even for professional, work offered as free. I must say it is better than many other Image Editors that you have to pay a lot of money for. Realy superior.

Theo K

Very great software for create textures and wallpapers. This program includes some default texture templates but also allows you to use your own images. Therefore you'll be able to create seamless patterns from any photo on your computer. The wide variety of filters and special effects featured in the program will enable you to obtain visually striking results with almost no effort.

Wallace G.

Extremely stimulating...
Graphic designers, videogames developers and webmasters will find it extremely stimulating for their creative working days.

Dr. Nemo

Lots of features & effects. This program has lots of effects that I would use. You can make a seamless tile and also see it tiled if you check the full screen box. There are textures that you add on in layers. You can make them transparent or opaque on top of each other to blend them. There is a features the a add different size bubble as transparent as you like. The Flare FX puts a glow in the background of your image. It has so many good features.


Thank you creating a great tool for design and development.

Daniel Smyers

I love to work with Imagelys, it's great software... So I want to say thank you for the free download.


It is really cool program - I like the flower textures and the animal ones too.


Thanks again for what looks like an excellent piece of graphics software!

Peter Halford

Thanks for your help, and I enjoy using your product.

Brittney Beard

It's a great program for amateurs like me. Thanks for making it.

John Fisher

Many thanks for this wonderful program!

Prairie Dog

Your software Imagelys Picture Styles is excellent, we like it very much.


Thank you for your wonderful product.