Apply amazing Painterly effect to your images files with Photoshop CC 2024
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First, read this tutorial if you haven't installed the Imagelys Plugin for Photoshop.

You can apply Painterly effect to your images files very easily with Photoshop CC 2024. For PC.

Step 1

With Photoshop, in the main menu, click to open and choose an image file.

Step 2

First, click to Channels. Then, click to the plus button. You have created a new Alpha channel.


Now, press the D key and select the black color. Then click this and set the Brightness to 15%. Click to OK.


First, click to the Paint Bucket tool and click under the channel to fill this with the black color.

Step 3

First, click to Layers. Then, click to Select -> Load Selection.

Step 4

First, select Alpha 1 into Channel list and click to OK. Click OK to the warning message.

Step 5

Then, click to Generative Fill into the Edit menu.

Then, enter painterly and click to Generate.

Wait the end of the process.

You can click to Generate again if necessary.

Step 6

Then, click to Select -> All.

Then, click to Edit -> Copy.

Then, click to Edit -> Paste.

Next, into the Filter menu, click to Filter -> Imagelys -> Imagelys Picture Lab.

Step 7

First, click to Select one Filter for open the ToolPalette.

Step 8

Now, in the ToolPalette, find Vincent and click of the filter icons of Vincent 001-3. You can modify this filter settings.

Step 9

Then, in the Filter Parameters dialog box, you can adjust parameters of the Brush Stroke Texture effect.
Now, click to Apply this filter settings to the image.

Step 10

After a little while (the rightmost portion of the status bar shows the progress), the rendered effect will be displayed.
Now, you can click the Validate button for validate your work and return to Photoshop.

The result of Painterly effect.

The result of Painterly effect.


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