Set parameters of the texture
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You can set parameters of the texture and add this to the ToolPalette in your personal gallery.

Step 1

In the ToolPalette, click the category of texture you are interested in, then click one of the texture icons to the right.

Step 2

Now, click the Parameters button on the ToolPalette.

Step 3

In the Parameters dialog box, select the Adjustment tab and use the slider bars to adjust the parameters.

Step 4

Now generate the texture. Apply the texture to the image. Modify the parameters and repeat generate if necessary. You can also click the Variation button to make a new variant of the texture.

Step 5

After a little while (the rightmost portion of the status bar shows the progress), the rendered texture will be displayed.

Step 6

You can save and add this texture, or your custom settings, to the ToolPalette for future use.

Step 7

Now, enter a name for this texture setting that will remind you of what it does or when to use it.


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