Apply amazing Brush Stroke Texture effects to your images files with Affinity Photo
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First, read this tutorial if you haven't installed the Imagelys Plugin for Affinity Photo.

You can apply Brush Stroke Texture effects, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, to your images files very easily with Affinity Photo. For Mac and PC only.

Step 1

With Affinity Photo, in the main menu, click to open and choose an image file.

Step 2

Then, in the Layer menu, click to Duplicate the Background.

Step 3

Then, click to Selection Brush Tool and drag the mouse into the flower and make a selection.

Step 4

Then, in the main menu, click to Copy and next click to Paste for create a new layer.

Step 5

First, click to Deselect in Select menu.

Step 6

Now, click to this layer Background. Next, into the Filters menu, click to Plugins -> Imagelys -> Imagelys Picture Lab.

Step 7

Now, wait the start of Imagelys Picture Lab application.

Step 8

First, click to Select one Filter for open the ToolPalette.

Step 9

Now, click to Effects - Brush Stroke 5. Then, click to Vincent 016-1.

Step 10

Then, in the Filter Parameters dialog box, you can adjust parameters of the Brush Stroke Texture effect.
Now, click to Apply this filter settings to the image.

Step 11

After a little while (the rightmost portion of the status bar shows the progress), the rendered effect will be displayed.
Now, you can click the Validate button for validate your work and return to Affinity Photo.

Step 12

First, click to Reselect into the Select menu. Then, show and select the Flower layer. Then, click to add the mask to this layer.


Step 13

First, press the Alt key and click to the mask of this layer.

Step 14

First, click to Deselect in Select menu.

Step 15

Then, click to Blur -> Gaussian Blur into the Filters menu.

Step 16

Then, drag the trackbar Radius to 50 px. Then, click the Apply button. You can do again this operation several times.


Now, click to the Flower layer .

Step 17

Then, click to Save as in the main menu and enter a filename.

The result of the Brush Stroke Texture effect.
Click on this image to zoom.


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